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"Ontdek ons intuïtieve KYC-portaal dat al uw compliance stress wegneemt."

Wij maken KYC-checks eenvoudig en uw compliance-taken moeiteloos. Speciaal voor de auto industrie.

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Deze klanten gingen u voor

What happens if you don't comply with anti-money laundering & terrorism regulation

Revenue loss and delay in business activities
Legal and statutory penalties
Closure of bank accounts
Damage to reputation and client trust
Waarom LoopingOne?

KYC + KYB + Portal

Vind de perfecte balans tussen gegevensbeveiliging en compliance door gebruik te maken van het platform van LoopingOne.


KYC/KYB-controles uitgevoerd


Kostenbesparing met
geautomatiseerde KYC/AML


voorkomen per maand


Wij beschikken over de middelen om uw klantgegevens veilig op te slaan en u eenvoudige toegang te bieden.


Wij beschikken over de tools om ervoor te zorgen dat uw bedrijf voldoet aan de regelgeving van de overheid en banken.

Real time monitoring

Met het LoopingOne-platform kunt u in realtime de voortgang van het klant onboardingsproces volgen.

Monthly price

We charge a fixed monthly amount  for your subscription to access the KYC portal. With this subscription you will get access to the service portal and can easily access your KYC reports.
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User-friendly dashboard

LoopingOne acts as a one-stop shop, making the process of meeting compliance requirements easier and more efficient.

Contact & Support

We prioritise building strong and lasting relationships with customers, with a focus on customer intimacy and personal attention.

Variable costs per check

KYC (Consumers)

€14/ per check
Checking the identity of one natural person
ID verification, details such as date of birth are checked
Checking for negative media reports, prominent public functions (PEP) or sanction/terror list and more
Deze kosten gelden per controle voor alle landen (wereldwijd)

KYC (business quick scan)

€18 / per check
Het controleren van de identiteit van één natuurlijk persoon
ID-verificatie, gegevens zoals geboortedatum worden gecontroleerd
Controle van onder andere negatieve mediaberichten, prominente publieks functies of sanctie/terreurlijst
Check companies for negative media reports, prominent public positions or sanction/terror list and more
Check consumers/natural persons for negative media reports, prominent public functions (PEP) or sanction/terror list and more

KYC (Business)

€49/ per check
Checking the identity of a company; statutory name, company name, legal form, address, postal code, Chamber of Commerce register, VIES check
Background check company; UBO structure, sanction/terror list, PEP, negative media reports
Checking the identity of one natural person
ID verification, details such as date of birth are checked
Checking, among other things, negative media reports, prominent public functions (PEP) or sanction/terror list
From €49 per report, depending on the price  per country

Basic plan

Ideal for small teams and startups.
Access to all basic features
Basic reporting and analytics
Up to 10 individual users
20GB individual data each user
Basic chat and email support
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Enterprise plan

Large teams with unlimited users.
Advanced custom fields
Audit log and data history
Unlimited individual users
Unlimited individual data
Personalised+priotity service
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30-day free trial of the portal!

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"Met LoopingOne kunnen wij ons focussen op onze business en laten we met een gerust hart het klantenadministratie gedeelte over aan hun platform en team"

JB Trading
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Waarom LoopingOne

LoopingOne: Uw One-Stop Shop voor Compliant Handelen

Grondige screening

Our mission is to take the friction out of payments by combining technology and experience.

Gedetailleerde rapportage

The LoopingOne agnostic platform continues to plug in various payment partners


Get the most out of your payment partners by using each partner that's best in class in a specific region.


Because we onboard your sellers centrally, you will not have redo this process when switching to a different payment partner.
Foreign exchange services

In addition to KYC service,
we also offer:

Receive and make payments effortlessly in more than 200 countries with the specialized foreign exchange services of our partner Ebury. Discover seamless currency exchange for your international business. To also use these services, please contact Sales.

LoopingOne has been appointed as Introducing Broker by Ebury Partners Belgium NV/SA.

Ebury Partners Belgium NV/SA is recognized and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium as a payment institution under the law of March 11, 2018, and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises) under number 0681.746.187. EBURY and EBURY What limits? are trademarks.

Payment and currency services are provided exclusively by Ebury Partners Belgium NV/SA.
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LoopingOne & Waldrick Roelofsen

Cargo International and LoopingOne join forces to help car dealers comply with regulations and accelerate the KYC/KYB process.
Waldrick Roelofsen
VP of Sales